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Nigel in Paris: climbing Montmartre

Montmartre is a challenging neighborhood for a little pig with little legs: it’s very hilly! It’s home to those iconically Parisian stairs, on Rue Foyatier:


Nigel decides he wants to try climbing them:


(Somehow, I accidentally turned on a filter on my iPhone, and didn’t realize it till later. Ooops!)


The stairs of Sacre Coeur — which are nearby — are just as steep. But the climb is worth it for the nice view of the city you get from the top. And for Sacre Coeur itself:


(The basilica itself is not particularly interesting inside, and anyway, photos aren’t allowed. Not that that stops some rude people from taking them anyway.)

Then, from the saintly to the sexy:


Nigel wanted to go inside, but I told him pigs aren’t allowed. In fact, it appears that whatever is going on at the Moulin Rouge these days looks more Vegas than anything else. I suspect he would have been disappointed.

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