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Nigel in Paris: the empire of the dead

It took us two tries to discover the secret of the Paris catacombs: arrive before it opens, so you get to be among the first people in. Not too many people ahead of us at 9:15am!


Street signs underground once helped people get around (though now you can’t deviate from the defined path):


Sometimes tall people have to bend down to avoid bumping their heads… which is not a problem for a small pig:


It’s not all narrow tunnels: in some place there are wider galleries.


So much walking! Time for a rest.


A man a long time ago, in the 1700s, came down here to make a sculpture:


He died when a tunnel collapse killed him, while he was trying to make a safe staircase for people to come visit his art. Very sad.

Much sadder and creepier still, all the bones!




Nigel was uncharacteristically quiet after our visit to the catacombs and his confrontation with his own mortality.

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