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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

today is the 18th anniversary of the launch of Flick Filosopher

Happy birthday to me… well, to my site.

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  • Danielm80

    Congratulations and thank you. If I hadn’t found this site, I would have smashed my desk to pieces with my forehead by now, after reading the discussion threads on…every other website.

  • RogerBW

    Happy site birthday!

    I think I must have found it some time in the first year or two, certainly before the turn of the century.

  • Michael Ray Gould

    Thank you MaryAnn for all the wonderful reading. I started reading you when I was in college in the late 90s, and I have probably not seen more than five movies without reading your review before heading to the multiplex. Your taste in movies is, near as I can figure, nearly identical to my own, with a few exceptions. I also appreciate your writings about the disparity between men and women in the film industry.

    My real name is Mike Dickerson (Gould is my pseudonym for my band), and I
    was listed on your “Friends of…” links page in the early days, was
    one of your first micropatrons, and am delighted to have a subscription

    Very few Internet sites are as consistently well-written, insightful, and funny (I love your wit). What got me hooked in the beginning was that, when I read your review, I knew whether you liked the movie or not, and why. Those basic facts are often times very hard to divine from other reviewers who want to instead impress with their vocabulary skills. You do it all, great writing, wonderful style, and we know when your biast (-a fan, as I recall). Thank you for many years and a collected many, many hours of pleasure.

  • Jurgan


  • David C-D

    FlickFilosopher.com is of legal age! I can’t wait to see what it will be when it grows up…

  • Judy

    Congrats and happy birthday / anniversary!

  • LaSargenta

    Happy 18th to Flick Filosopher!

  • Dale Snow

    Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more, too.

  • Tonio Kruger

    Major congrats, Ms. Johanson! I hope this site will be around for many years to come.

  • Shiraz

    Happy Anniversary! Hope you enjoyed a nice celebration.

  • amanohyo

    This site has been one of my favorites ever since I read the comments of your Knocked Up review and saw you swat aside troll after troll like some kind of Logician Valkyrie. Like many readers here, whenever I get a little down about the sorry state of discourse on most of the internet, I come here to remember that there are still a lot of thoughtful, compassionate, open-minded movie geeks out there who have miraculously retained the ability to translate their thoughts into a complete sentence. Some of the sick bastards here even enjoy writing entire paragraphs. So, so decadent – spread that logos all over the page, oh yeah break off one more paragraph, that’s right…

    *Cough*… sorry that got a little creepy. As I was saying, the reviews and discussions here are almost always civil, intelligent, entertaining, and stimulating, and that’s due primarily to the quality of your reviews and your tireless moderation (and the excellent folks who comment *blushes*). Thank you for devoting your time and energy to build and maintain this sanctuary – I know it isn’t always as easy or rewarding as it should be, but you’ve made a positive difference in a lot of people’s lives, even Serge’s and Tim1974’s… maybe. Okay probably not them, but definitely a lot of other people. In all seriousness, It’s extremely likely that I’d be a broke, bitter “nice-guy” today if it weren’t for this site.

    So, thank you for teaching me to listen critically to all arguments, including my own, and congratulations and happy belated birthday to Flickfilosopher! Life is going to get a lot more fun and interesting now that its tumultuous teen years are over. It’s time to look once again, into the future! I can’t wait to discover what classic films will spawn within the dawn of The Trump Dynasty.

  • leah

    happy anniversary MAJ and Flick filosopher!

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