Where Are the Women? Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Where Are the Women? Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension

With its gender-balanced ensemble, this movie is inoffensive, even reasonably fair, in its depiction of women.


Is there a female character with significant screen time who grows, changes, and/or learns something over the course of the story? (for an ensemble cast, or a film with a male protagonist) [why this matters]


Is there a woman whose role could easily have been played by a man? [why this matters]
More than one? [why this matters]


[no issues]


Is there a female character who is primarily defined by her emotional and/or sexual relationship with a man or men? [why this matters]


Is there anything either positive or negative in the film’s representation of women not already accounted for here? (points will vary)



IS THE FILM’S DIRECTOR FEMALE? No (does not impact scoring)

IS THE FILM’S SCREENWRITER FEMALE? No (does not impact scoring)

BOTTOM LINE: With an ensemble that is gender balanced — including multiple characters who could have easily been played by men, and a woman who goes on a somewhat significant personal journey, even if it is in the aid of protecting her child — this movie is inoffensive, even reasonably fair, in its depiction of women.

Click here for the ongoing ranking of 2015’s films for female representation.

NOTE: This is not a “review” of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension! It is simply an examination of how well or how poorly it represents women. (A movie that represents women well can still be a terrible film; a movie that represents women poorly can still be a great film.) Read my review of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.

See the full rating criteria. (Criteria that do not apply to this film have been deleted in this rating for maximum readability.)

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Thu, Oct 22, 2015 10:18pm

In a way this is more encouraging than a good film getting a +40. Because this was clearly produced by people who didn’t care what they were doing, edited by a committee, focus-grouped with test audiences… and it still has a positive score.

MaryAnn Johanson
reply to  RogerBW
Thu, Oct 22, 2015 10:45pm

In an ideal world, no movies would be crappy. In a better world than the one we live in now, there would be as many crappy movies that represent women well as there are crappy movies that represent men well.