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London photos: spacetime anomaly over Oxford Circus at Lumiere London


This past weekend, London played host to an absolutely marvelous festival of lights called Lumiere London. For four evenings, some of the most famous areas of Central London turned off their usual lighting and let special art installations incorporating light illuminate the night.


My second favorite installation of the event was this… thing hovering over Oxford Circus. For those not familiar with the area, Oxford Circus is a major vehicular intersection. But for this event, the roads were closed, so you could walk right out into the middle of the road and stand right under this wonderful installation.


Which was sort of like a jellyfish, perhaps, of constantly shifting colors.


But I preferred to think of it as a spacetime anomaly descending upon London.


If you stood right under it, you could pretend that it was about to swallow you up.


Alas, the Doctor never showed up to save me. Damn.

I’m posting my photos from Lumiere London until I run out. Use the “Lumiere London” tag to find the other posts in this series.

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