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London video: elephant on Regent Street at Lumiere London


This past weekend, London played host to an absolutely marvelous festival of lights called Lumiere London. For four evenings, some of the most famous areas of Central London turned off their usual lighting and let special art installations incorporating light illuminate the night.

The elephant up in the arcade on Regent Street was marvelous. Here it is in action:

Around on Piccadilly, at the rear of the building, the elephant’s rear could be seen:



I’m posting my photos from Lumiere London until I run out. Use the “Lumiere London” tag to find the other posts in this series.

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  • althea

    WOWWWW!!! As cool as the others have been, this is the one that would have had me stuck in place with my mouth open for a long time!

  • This was really cool. It was like the elephant was looking down at us and marveling at all the people there!

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