is the text too small at this site?

I had a long conversation on Facebook this weekend with reader Konstantin, who had a complaint about the size of the text on FlickFilosopher.com. I wasn’t sure what sort of problem he was having, since I think the text looks pretty good, and no other reader has mentioned this as an issue. (Though, as I told Konstantin, that doesn’t mean that no one else is having a problem, only that they’ve haven’t told me.) The underlying theme is based on one from Elegant Themes, which are professionally designed, and though I’ve customized it quite a bit, I don’t think I’ve messed much, if at all, with the font sizes. So the font sizes should be optimized for comfortable reading.

Of course, everyone’s computer is set up differently, and there are probably an infinite number of combinations of screen resolution, browser settings, and other variables that influence what everything on your computer looks like. But Konstantin explained that most other sites look okay on his screen, but that the text here is uncomfortably small. On my end, I do have, in my browser, my site zoomed to 125 percent, though I don’t know if this is any indication that the text is too small, because I also need that zoom on the WordPress backend, which is just the standard way WP comes (so I would presume that that is also optimized for the comfort of most users). And I have a lot of sites zoomed in, because I’ve been dealing with the standard deterioration of eyesight as you get older. (I’ve been wearing glasses for reading and for any up-close work for about six years now, and have already had one bump up in my prescription. It’s getting hard to read almost anything up close anymore without my glasses.)

What do you think? How do you feel about the size of the text across the site, especially the body text (for example, the main text in a review)? Is it too small?

As I told Konstantin, I tried messing around with the size of the body text, and increasing the size — if that’s what I end up doing — is going to be a lot more involved than simply bumping up that one number: it affects the design of the whole site, and it will take a lot of tweaking. Everything will have to be reoptimized to look good as a package. So it’s not something I can do in five minutes. But I am very curious to hear everyone’s feedback about whether this is something I need to take care of.

In the meantime, if you do find the text too small, if you’re on a Mac, in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, you can zoom in on a Web site using Command-+, which affects only the particular site you zoom in on: it will not change the way other sites look. (I have no way of testing this on a PC, sorry. But I assume there is a similar capability.)

UPDATE: It’s sounding to me like it would probably be a good idea to bump up the text size across the site. So I’ll carve out some time to do that. But please keep checking in with comments, if you like.

UPDATE 11.16.16: This issue has now been dealt with. See an explanation of the changes here.

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