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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

new @FlickFilosopher Twitter feed


I’ve owned @FlickFilosopher on Twitter for years, but I hadn’t been using it: my own personal Twitter feed, @maryannjohanson, had been sufficing. But lately, my Twitter has been overrun by political rage and existential despair — I mean, even more so than usual — in addition to my usual movie-related tweets, so I thought maybe it was time to give the movie stuff its own realm.

Everything FlickFilosopher related that has always appeared on @maryannjohanson — such as links to new reviews as I post them — will continue to appear there. But now that film stuff will also appear at @FlickFilosopher, as well as some additional movie goodies that will not appear at @maryannjohanson. For starters, for instance, I’m counting down the Oscar Best Pictures through February 26th (when this year’s awards will be given out), like so:

At the moment, I am retweeting the countdown posts to @maryannjohanson, but there will be other posts that I won’t retweet, stuff like this:

(I am determined to write some fiction this year, which I will also promote at @maryannjohanson, which will further dilute the film stuff.)

If you don’t mind all the non-film-related stuff at @maryannjohanson, you probably don’t need to follow @FlickFilosopher. But I’d be delighted if you did, obviously.

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