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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

one big reason why I love ‘House of Cards’ (spoiler: its depiction of women wielding power)

Because it features so many women who are smart, capable, and wield power like men do. But even so, there has not previously been a moment as powerful as this one in S05E07.


There is such power here. All women — only women — inhabiting one of the most potent symbols of authority and leadership that exists in our culture: the Oval Office in the White House.


You think this looks weird or odd? How do you think it looks when a room like this is full of men only?


It gives me chills. I love it.

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  • Anna

    So I don’t know the show – what jobs do those characters have? I suppose one is the president?

  • Well, people who aren’t the president don’t typically get to have meetings in the Oval Office, I don’t think. :-)

    For those who haven’t yet watched S05:

    After a mess of an election, Claire is chosen as Vice President by the Senate, and then, before the House of Representatives can choose the President, she is appointed Acting President. So yes, she’s the President here. The other women are the Secretary of State and a commerce undersecretary with some truly phenomenal international connections.

  • Bea Harper

    Robin Wright as Claire is absolutely amazing. Wright has always been a highly capable actress, but it’s as if she has uncovered a NEW facet of her talent with how ruthless yet complex she is.

  • the truth

    …and then, Kevin Spacey’s dickishness pulled the rug from under Robin Wright’s feet. Art imitating life, mayhaps?

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