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‘Die Hard’ is a Christmas movie

Die Hard Is a Christmas Movie

In our troubled times, it’s important to stand up for what you believe in.

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  • Danielm80
  • This.
    I’m kind of tired of all the cool hipsters bringing up Die Hard whenever favorite xmas movies are mentioned. It was amusing at first, but now it’s just stale.
    My wife is the queen of xmas movies. I’ll ask her if Die Hard counts as one. I already know I’ll get a blank stare, then a shake of the head like I;m an idiot.

  • RogerBW

    There was some doubt?

    Christmas trappings, themes of family and togetherness; it would be hard to come up with a reasonable definition of “Christmas movie” that excluded it.

  • There was some doubt?

    There has been a resurgence of this debate on Twitter.

  • LaSargenta

    Feh. I’ll stick with Rare Exports.

  • Jurgan

    Well, it has essentially the same story as Home Alone, and no one denies that’s a Christmas movie.

  • Tonio Kruger

    Personally I prefer The Long Kiss Goodnight….

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