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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

curated: Tess Raser’s “Wakanda Curriculum” for middle-schoolers (and everyone else)

I can’t figure out precisely who Tess Raser is — many different people pop up when I Google that name — but this is how she introduces her “Wakanda Curriculum,” a “Black Panther Film Movie Companion for Middle Grades” available for all on Google Docs:

This curriculum is designed for students who are seeing Black Panther, as a means to having them engage more critically and thoughtfully with the film. The curriculum assumes that students, like mine, have previous experience of studying the African continent, its diversity and colonialism.

And this is the sort of stuff you’ll find:





You don’t have to be a middle-schooler, or a student of any kind, to find this fascinating and enlightening, and a good jumping-off point for learning more about African culture and how colonialism has impacted it.

(Here’s my review of Black Panther.)

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