curated: “Movies Starring Women Earn More Than Male-Led Films”


This is even better than my Where Are the Women? project found…

From The New York Times:

According to findings from the Creative Artists Agency and the digital strategist shift7, the top movies from 2014 to 2017 starring women earned more than male-led films, whether they were made for less than $10 million or for $100 million or more.

The research also found that films that passed the Bechdel test — which measures whether two female characters have a conversation about something other than a man — outperformed those that flunked it.

The question now is whether the industry will take heed. The San Diego State University study also found that the number of female protagonists with speaking roles in top films dropped in 2017 from the previous year. The new statistics from C.A.A. suggests that the makers of those films might be hurting their earnings.

The researchers found that no film between 2014 and 2017 earned $1 billion without passing the Bechdel test and that no film has made $1 billion without passing the test since 2012.


And yet I shan’t hold my breath waiting for a glut of new movies about women coming out of Hollywood.

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