because nothing evokes the spirit of the Christmas Baby Jesus like hate mail

I get a lot of hate mail, but this is extra special. My movies-for-the-resistance rundown of lessons from Schindler’s List on the occasion of its 25th anniversary generated this lovely missive:

Merry Christmas baby Jesus hate mail

Merry Christmas baby Jesus hate mail

Merry Christmas

We “enjoyed” your “Schindler’s List” piece right up until the end of it.

YOU, darling, are a toxic feminist and you and yours can be disrupted as you will see.


Sandra & Judy

This was sent by snail mail to Salt Lake City Weekly, which ran a shorter version of the essay I posted here. (The idea for this essay was actually proposed to me by SLWC’s arts and entertainment editor, Scott Renshaw.) So I presume that this is what Sandra & Judy took exception to:

• We cannot rely on the beneficence of rich white men to save the rest of us. Of course, we must celebrate Schindler’s campaign of resistance, and indeed it forces us to wonder where the likes of him are now — men using their wealth and privilege for the betterment of all. George Soros and Bill Gates are only two dudes. Yet, we must never depend on the whims of rich white men for anything. No individual should wield such power. It’s no way to run a planet.

I can only assume that Sandra & Judy are two rich white men complaining under pseudonyms.

Still, ya gotta love the insouciance of pairing a not-at-all-veiled threat — I’ll be “disrupted”? — with a sweet little sleeping Christmas baby Jesus surrounded by cute fluffy animals. I feel prayed for.

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