Patreon-patron-only content has arrived

I’m beginning to play around with how to use Patreon to encourage more financial support from readers, so you’ll start to see things such as some timely posts — like my weekly “movies by or about women” rundowns — being restricted to Patreon supporters for the first 30 days. (My 2019 ranking list, which hasn’t gone live yet live now here, will be only for Patreon supporters at the $5/month level and above until the end of the year.)

If you’re already a Patreon supporter, thank you! You can skip down to learn how to connect your Patreon support to this site. (It’s easy, and you should only have to do it once.)

If you’re a PayPal subscriber, I’m afraid you’ll have to cancel your PayPal subscription and start a new one at Patreon. (You can use PayPal there, too. But there’s no way for me to grant access to readers who aren’t actually donating through Patreon.) If you need any help doing this, please get in touch. If you’ve recently renewed an annual subscription on PayPal, let me know, and I’ll refund it. (Subs on Patreon are monthly only.)

When you see something like this:


click on the “Unlock with Patreon” button. If you’re already logged in to Patreon in your browser and you’ve already pledged at the level the post requires, you’ll see this next:


Click “Allow.” (I will never ever share your email address with anyone. Promise.)

And that’s it. You’re done. You shouldn’t see any of these screens again unless you clear your browser cache, or if you encounter a post that requires a higher pledge than you’ve made.

If you’re already a Patreon patron but not at a high enough level to access the post, you’ll be asked to up your pledge after you click the “Unlock with Patreon” button.

If you’re not logged in to Patreon, or if you’re not a Patreon supporter of this site, you’ll see this:

which you can use to either log in (link at the bottom) or sign up. You’ll then be taken to a payment page.

From my testing, it all seems pretty seamless, but there’s no way for me to test every possible variable that might apply to all patrons. Please let me know if you run into any problems!

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