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“(fictional) notes from The British Museum #11” now live (late!)

My flash-fiction project, gearing up my brain for bigger fiction works to come, has a new installment. “(fictional) notes from The British Museum #11” is now live at my portfolio site, MaryAnnJohanson.com — follow along via the flash fiction tag — and also over at my Patreon.

This one is a little late — it should have been posted days ago — because I got stuck. My plan with these is to write quickly, spinning a quick yarn from whatever inspiration strikes and just let it happen, but I couldn’t make this one work. (Last week was not a good week.) So I had to let it rest for a little while before it could get to where I wanted it to be.

As a tease, here is the object that inspired today’s story:

(fictional) Notes from The British Museum #11

These flash-fiction stories are available to all Patreon patrons at the $1/month level or above. Thank you for your support!

And just an FYI: these stories are not about history, or museums, or even about what the objects that inspire them literally are. These objects just offer a creative spark. Most of the stories so far have been some flavor of science fiction or fantasy; one had a definite horror tinge to it. Because that’s just where my brain goes.

I hope you enjoy them.

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