I’m on BBC World Service’s “The Arts Hour” again this Sunday Saturday, March 30th

Unlike previous episodes of “The Arts Hour,” I’m the only in-studio guest. So you might hear a bit more from me this time.

The first half of the program is dedicated to an interview with South African actor John Kani (recently in Black Panther, and voicing Rafiki in the upcoming Lion King remake), currently starring, with Antony Sher, in Kunene and the King, a new play written by Kani about life in contemporary South Africa. It’s on at the RSC in Stratford-upon-Avon until April 23rd. I was not present for this interview and won’t be commenting on it.

The second half of the program is all me and host Nikki Bedi discussing issues raised in clips of:

• Ralph Fiennes talking about his new directorial effort, The White Crow, about ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev
• Lupita Nyong’o talking about her performance in Us
• Tom Hiddleston talking about how movie scores inspire him and invigorate his performances
• Sudanese-Italian singer Amira Kheir talking about — and playing — her music.

As always, this new episode debuts on Sunday Saturday and repeats several times over the following week, and will be available globally to listen to anytime after the first broadcast. (Listen to the BBC World Service live online here, from anywhere on the planet.) The episode page with all the info you need is here.


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