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new sci-fi/fantasy/horror flash fiction by me for your amusement

My intention with my “(fictional) notes from The British Museum” series was for it to be weekly. I got a bit sidetracked the last couple of weeks because I had some paying editing work that took up too much time and headspace to leave anything left for this project. I would MUCH rather be writing stuff for your amusement and for my own sanity than editing the work of other writers to get it in shape for publication. By pledging at my Patreon for as little as one stinking measly US dollar per month, you can save me from the fate worse than death — having to get a real job — as well as ensuring that I can continue to entertain you.

Anyway, here’s the latest in this project, yet another vaguely science-fantasy(ish), kinda horror(ish) little slice of what I hope you will agree is nightmare-adjacent. As ever, the stories in this series are not about museums, or artifacts, or history, or at least not necessarily (maybe sorta sideways accidentally). I’m simply letting an object in The British Museum in London inspire me. Here are this week’s objects:

(fictional) Notes from The British Museum #17

And here’s how the story begins:

(fictional) Notes from The British Museum #17

The story is live now at my portfolio site, and also at my Patreon; at either place, it’s for Patreon patrons only. Which you can so easily become (if you aren’t a patron already).


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