new science-fiction flash fiction: “Secrets of the Universe”

This is part of my project “(fictional) notes from The British Museum,” wherein once a week, I visit a single room at The British Museum in London, zero in on an intriguing object — or occasionally, as with this week, objects — therein, and quickly write a piece of flash fiction inspired by that object.

The stories in this series are not usually about museums, or artifacts, or history, or at least not necessarily… the museum is just a way to kickstart my fiction lobe. Here is this week’s inspiration:

(fictional) Notes from The British Museum

And here’s how the story begins:

(fictional) Notes from The British Museum

The story is live now at my portfolio site, and also at my Patreon; at either place, it’s for Patreon patrons only. Which you can become for as little as $1 per month. Will you miss a single dollar? Probably not. (And if you would, then dear god, please do not worry about me and just look after yourself.) But lots of readers — and I do have lots of readers here! — sending a dollar a month my way could make a real, significant difference in my quality of life, my mental health, and (most importantly) my ability to put more words together in entertaining and enlightening ways for your enjoyment.

Please support my work if at all possible. Because my work will definitely go away — and out of desperate necessity, quite soon — if a lack of support tells me it is not wanted and appreciated.

Thank you.

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