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new science-fiction flash fiction (FREEBIE!): “The Day of Broken Glass”

This is part of my project “(fictional) notes from The British Museum,” wherein once a week, I visit a single room at The British Museum in London, zero in on an intriguing object — or occasionally, as with this week, objects — therein, and quickly write a piece of flash fiction inspired by that object.

These stories are usually for Patreon patrons only, but to celebrate the six-month mark of the project, this one’s free. If you enjoy it and want to encourage me to write more like it, and other fiction too, please become a financial supporter via Patreon. For as little as $1 per month (payable in other currencies, too!) you’ll get instant access to the previous 22 flash-fiction stories I’ve published in 2019, and you will help support future work.

The stories in this series are not usually about museums, or artifacts, or history, or at least not necessarily… the museum is just a way to kickstart my fiction lobe. Here is this week’s inspiration:

(fictional) Notes from The British Museum

And here’s how the story begins:

(fictional) Notes from The British Museum

The story is live now at my portfolio site, and also at my Patreon.

Again, if you appreciate this and my other writing, please pledge your financial support for it. Even a single dollar is a big help, especially if lots of readers give monthly. Thank you… and if you’re already a supporter, thank you!

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