curated: the roles typecast actors would prefer to play

Typecast Project

This is brilliant. From The Washington Post Magazine:

How Hollywood Sees Me … And How I Want to Be Seen
Actors of color often get typecast. Two photographers asked them to depict their dream roles instead.

Since the dawn of Hollywood, nonwhite actors have been asked to play stereotypes — from maids to immigrants to thugs — while struggling to get cast in layered, authentic roles. In order to highlight this phenomenon, we decided to photograph actors in two ways: embodying the typecast roles that they have been asked to play and imagining the roles that they aspire to play.

We hope that these photos encourage viewers to reflect on the way that stereotypes persist in mass culture. And we hope they allow people to envisage a world where all Americans can see themselves represented — in all ways — on the screen.

The photographers are Haruka Sakaguchi and Griselda San Martin. Actor Dan Chen is pictured above. A selection of the project’s photos is at The Washington Post Magazine, with many more at the project website Typecast: What Hollywood Gets Wrong About Race and Ethnicity.

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