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flash fiction update: ebook coming soon, free to all Patreon patrons — join now!

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic shutting so many things down and upending everything else, I’ve decided to end my flash-fiction project “(fictional) notes from The British Museum” (link goes to my portfolio site). The project was never about museums but just a way to prompt myself to write some fiction — most of which turned out to be some flavor of science fiction, fantasy, horror, or a combination of these genres — as a way to jumpstart my creative juices in preparation for more long-form fiction. I had intended to get up to 52 installments — one per week for a year, though that got off track before the world went on pause — but I did reach 28 installments. (The stories are mostly for Patreon patrons only, but a few are free for all. Read them at my portfolio site or at Patreon.) With The British Museum closed now, I can’t visit to find new objects for inspiration. But that’s fine: the project served its purpose, and I am raring to get going on other fiction projects.

I’ll be gathering together those 28 stories in an ebook, which will be available on Amazon, Smashwords, and all the usual ebook outlets at a very modest price. I’m also going to give it away, for free, to anyone who is a Patreon patron of my work, at any level, when the book is ready. You can join my Patreon here.

If you’ve been thinking about joining but haven’t yet, here’s an extra incentive: On June 1st, I will be retiring the $1-per-month and $3-per-month tiers; as of June 1st, $5 per month will be the lowest level at which anyone can join. But if you begin pledging $1 or $3 per month now (and continue your support), you will continue to retain access to any content that is open to all patrons. (That also includes things like my annual film rankings as they are in progress, like 2020’s, currently for patrons only; 2019’s is now free for all, though it’s not quite finished yet. And more film-criticism content for patrons only is to come.)

I know that many people are struggling financially right now. I am too. If you are able to comfortably support my work, even at as little as $1 per month, it would be a tremendous help to me. (I would much rather have, say, a thousand people giving me $1 per month than one person giving me $1,000!)

When I launch the new fiction — which will be a serial work of science fiction with regular installments — that will also be available only to patrons. Tossing a buck (or more) my way, now and into the future, is a terrific way to encourage me to write more for your entertainment!

And to everyone who is already a Patreon patron, thank you!

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