the summer of my discontent is over (she said optimistically)…

I wrote earlier this summer — just about a month ago — about how difficult I’ve been finding not just the physical and psychological deprivations of lockdown but the concurrent political nightmare on both sides of the Atlantic. Despair and distraction have laid me quite low this year.

But today is a holiday in the UK, not in honor of anything, just the bank holiday that traditionally marks the end of summer, like Labor Day does in the US. It’s also the last day of August. I have chosen to take this as a sign that it’s time to leave my funk behind and kick myself back into creative gear. (It doesn’t hurt that the weather in London has turned much more pleasant and comfortable, nearly autumnal at night, which definitely helps my mood. Autumn is always my favorite time of year.)

So this is me, rebooting. This past week may have been my least productive week at FlickFilosopher.com for a long time, at least as far as posting goes. (I have been doing some admin work on the backend, which hasn’t demanded much in the way of creative effort.) I hope to do better starting this week. I have so much to say, and I need to start saying it. I know that will help me feel better, too.

Stay tuned…

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