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I mentioned earlier in the year that I was planning to move your options, dear readers, for those of you generous enough to financially support my work here, from Patreon to Substack. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that each platform has its own unique benefits (and, let’s be honest, its own drawbacks), and that there really was no need to give up one for the other.

why not both?

So, now: both.

I will, in the coming weeks and months, introduce new subscriber-only exclusive movie-movie stuff. It will be good stuff. It will be juicy stuff. It will be fun stuff. It will be things like the sample stuff I posted for free yesterday (here at FlickFilosopher.com, at Substack, and at Patreon):

• streaming roundups by theme (like that first free one)
• hidden gems on the streaming services
• a monthly DVD commentary (I’ve been wanting to do these for years and can’t wait to share the first one)
• other good stuff? (I am open to suggestions)

All the exclusive stuff will be available at both Patreon and Substack for paying subscribers at each. (Patreon supporters will also be able to log in here at FlickFilosopher.com — via that link at the top of the sidebar on the right — to read the material right here; there currently isn’t a way to enable that for Substack subscribers, sorry. At both platforms, you also have the option to get new posts directly into your email in-box.)

So the good news is that if you’re already supporting my work via Patreon, you don’t have to do anything: you will continue to get all the extra good stuff. (You will see that I have streamlined the tiers — the subscription options — at Patreon. This is because I am trying to bring that platform into alignment with what I am and will be doing with Substack. There will be much more to come… if I can figure out how to find all the time to make it happen.)

But if you prefer Substack, you can sign up there and get mostly all the same stuff.

(Annual subscriptions are now an option at Patreon, as they are at Substack. If you’re currently a monthly subscriber at Patreon and you’d like to move to an annual subscription, which is a little cheaper, it’s easy. Patreon has instructions here.)

I hope none of this is too confusing. Please let me know if it is. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about what I’m doing. None of this works if it doesn’t work for you.

The big difference between what I’m offering on the two platforms — and it’s really a small difference — is that if you are a Patreon supporter, you get email notification of each new review I post here at FlickFilosopher.com (if you’ve got email notifications set up at Patreon, of course). If you’re a Substack supporter, you get a once-a-week digest of all the new posts here at FlickFilosopher.com. (The once-a-week digest is the free version of the Substack, so if you want that, too, go for it. It won’t cost you anything extra.)

One of the things I sussed about Substack is that it seems to be of interest to people who want pithier content. Who want big-picture explainers, not deep dives. And Patreon seems to be for fans who want everything, who appreciate long takes. So I am trying to respect that dichotomy.

By the way, I’ve also set up a Substack for my fiction. The free version of that will be simple notifications of cool new stuff coming at you soon. (I will have some big announcements here, and on that Sustack, in the next few days!) The paid version will be about (for starters) getting regular installments of a work of serial science fiction. I haven’t launched the paid fiction Substack yet, but when I do, I will also launch a comparable tier at Patreon. My aim is to ensure that, whichever platform you choose to support me on, you’re getting the same value.

Here’s what it all boils down to:

There are no ads on FlickFilosopher.com. There are no popups covering up my reviews, no demands to accept or reject cookies, no insistent requests to join my mailing list, no autoplay videos. There are no “sponsored posts” (ie, ads), paid link placements (also ads), or similar bullshit… and not because I am not bombarded with requests to allow them here. I absolutely fucking hate when I go to a website and I cannot see their stuff because it’s covered up with all that extraneous garbage, or can’t trust that their stuff is their stuff because someone paid to put it there. So I refuse to implement any of that garbage here. But I still have to make some money from my work!

(Also, not gonna lie: The syndication of my reviews has dried up during the pandemic, because the American alt-weeklies that ran my reviews have either gone bust or had their freelance budgets disappear, because they’re all reliant on ads for local going-out events that simply have not been happening this past year.)

So, in short: If you like my work and are in a position to help me continue to do it, please become a paying subscriber, if you are not one already, at either Patreon or Substack.

Thank you.

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