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Tue, Jul 27, 2021 10:06am

It takes a few tries to strike gold, but eventually I got some hearty chuckles. This one’s a bit of a Mobius Strip – I love the Spaceballish concept of Ready Player Two being two hours of Queen Latifah destroying every physical copy of the movie Ready Player Two, fully embracing the first film’s failings, by just turning the franchise into a literal murder of physical media and pop culture. Also QL cosplaying Gallagher sounds like good fun:


Surprisingly plausible:


Absurd, but somehow makes complete sense:


And finally, a deep cut, requiring a knowledge of geeky pop culture spanning 35+ years that incorporates four favorite things from four different decades of my life: The Neverending Story (indirectly), the SR-71, Celery Man, and ludicrous MCU AUs:


Thanks for the link and the laughs.