please review ‘Cultural Artifacts’ if you’ve read it!

Hello, lovely readers! I hope you’ll all enjoying Cultural Artifacts, my collection of science fiction, fantasy, and horror flash fiction.

What’s that? You haven’t gotten your copy yet? Grab one for just US$1.99 (or local equivalent) from all fine ebook sellers.

(I am considering adding the book to Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s ebook lending library. This would mean deleting it from other ebook sellers such as Apple Books and Smashwords, because the beast Amazon demands exclusivity for any book enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. But it might be worth a try, since Amazon’s dominance in the ebook market means that having a book available via Kindle Unlimited can be quite lucrative. Or so I hear from other self-publishing writers. Happy to hear your thoughts on this! Would you be likely to e-borrow Cultural Artifacts if it were on Kindle Unlimited?)

Here’s another sample, if you need some convincing:

Have you bought a copy? Did you receive a copy of the book as thank-you for supporting my Patreon? Maybe you won a copy in the Goodreads giveaway I ran? However you read the book, it would be immensely helpful if you could post a review at Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever you acquired the book. (If you got a copy directly from me, please post a review on Amazon!) The algorithms that govern these digital stores mean that books with more reviews get more visibility, which in turn can mean more sales.

A review doesn’t need to be very long! Just a couple of sentences and a star rating (if applicable) would be fantastic. And please do be honest. As long as it’s honest, even negative feedback is terrific. (Of course, I also genuinely want to know what you thought of the collection. Even if it’s not wholly positive.)

Thank you!

PS: The serial science fiction project I’ve teased a few times is about to launch! Stay tuned for imminent news on this front…

PPS: Here are some links for finding Cultural Artifacts online:
Amazon US
Amazon Canada
Amazon UK
Apple Books (globally)
more stores

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