question of the weekend: what’s your favorite movie-related app or site?

What’s your favorite movie-related app or site? And let us in on a secret feature on it or the tool there you use most. Tell us your movie-nerd secrets!

Mine is probably the Internet Movie Database, or IMDb, because it is a veritable font of useful information and wonderful trivia. And here’s my secret for it: Have you ever struggled to remember the name of a movie that Movie Star A and Character Actor B appeared in together, or that film directed by Auteur C starring Working Actor D? From the IMDb page for any person, you can search for whom they’ve been credited with. Just click on Explore More in the Quick Links section:

Scroll down to Credited With and click, and you’ll end up here:

Have fun!

(I’m reviving my “questions” posts — just on a weekend basis — as an experiment, to see if there’s any interest in them. I’m also posting these as free posts at Substack or Patreon. You don’t need to be a paying subscriber at either service if you’d prefer to comment at either of them, but you will need to register with either site to comment.)

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