‘Cultural Artifacts’ now on Kindle Unlimited

I’m delighted to announce that Cultural Artifacts, my collection of science fiction, fantasy, and horror flash fiction, is now included with Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s all-you-can-read buffet. Try it free if you’re not already a subscriber:

US Amazon
Canada Amazon
UK Amazon

If you read my book (or any of my others, which are also on KU), please do review it at Amazon, even if you didn’t like it. Reviews make a huge difference in how much notice a book gets on Amazon: it really does help with sales and Kindle Unlimited reads.

Thank you, and enjoy!

(This means, by the way, that Cultural Artifacts is no longer available for sale on any other digital platforms: that’s a condition of inclusion in Kindle Unlimited. But if you previously purchased the book somewhere other than Amazon, don’t worry: it’ll still be in your library!)

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