new Archives by Month listing!

Well, it’s more bringing back something that used to be a thing here.

Reader Lee reminded me by email recently that I used to have a listing — I think it was in the sidebar — that took you to lists of all the posts here from a certain month/year. I’m not sure when I dropped that, but I’m sure I did it because the listing was getting unwieldy, what with the site having been around since September 1997. If I still had that listing today, it would be almost 300 entries long. Even half that — even 10 percent of that! — is way too much for a sidebar.

So I’ve done the next best thing: created a page that includes links to my work here by month and year. You can use the Archives by Month page to explore the site chronologically, as Lee said he was doing (though with considerably more hassle, since he didn’t have a listing like this one).

You’ve find a link to that page in the nav bar above, as a dropdown under the “all recent posts” link. I hope you find it useful.

And thanks to Lee for the suggestion that I reimplement this tool.

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