Where Are the Women? criteria now in a German translation!

My Where Are the Women? test, for determining how well or how poorly women are represented onscreen, has been translated into German by book blogger and journalist Jasper Vormschlag. Find that at:

Wo sind die Frauen?
oder “Die Johanson-Analyse”
die ausführliche Alternative zum Bechdel-Test.

Jasper approached me for permission to do the translation, which I was happy to give. So it’s an authorized translation… although I cannot vouch for its accuracy, because I don’t speak or write German.

Jasper is planning to use the WATW test to analyze books, which should work fairly well, and his translation was picked up on by journalist and blogger Antje Zimmermann, as a springboard for asking how patriarchal books and film are.


(If you’d like to translate the criteria in to another language, please drop me an email.)

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