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An updated The Canterbury Tales for the 21st century? An on-the-road movie for our existentially confused times? Hell yes. Writer-director Emilio Estevez’s powerful and moving 2011 film The Way sees Martin Sheen walking the legendary Camino de Santiago — the ancient 500-mile hike-slash-pilgrimage through rural France and into Spain — as a tribute to his son, who died in an accident just as he was beginning his own pilgrim walk. Miraculously — pun intended — Estevez captures a sense of spirituality as a universal human experience that is as robustly physical and carnal as it is cerebral, and one that does not necessarily have to have anything to do with the supernatural. (Read my 2011 review.)

TONIGHT ONLY: The Way is screening in cinemas across the US as a Fathom Event.

US: not streaming at the moment, but available on DVD/blu-ray

UK: stream on Prime; rent/buy on Prime and Apple TV

See The Way at Letterboxd for more viewing options.

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