watch it: “Edgar Wright on ‘The Black Hole’”

When I first heard about this, I thought it meant that Edgar Wright was going to remake The Black Hole. And while I generally disapprove of remakes over original stories, I would love to see what Wright would do with such a project. Alas, it’s just that Wright is talking about the film while we … more…

Marty (review)

Lonely Bronxite Marty (Ernest Borgnine) is being shown up by his younger brothers and sisters — they’re all married but him, and he’s got all the Italian ladies in the butcher shop where he works telling him, ‘You should be ashamed a youself!’ and ‘Whena you gonna get married, Marty?’

From Here to Eternity (review)

No, sorry, I don’t get it. From Here to Eternity is supposed to be this great, tragic melodrama, but I just don’t see it. As far as I can tell, every dumb guy in this movie has only himself to blame for all the stupid things that happen to him.