watch it: “Edgar Wright on ‘The Black Hole’”

When I first heard about this, I thought it meant that Edgar Wright was going to remake The Black Hole. And while I generally disapprove of remakes over original stories, I would love to see what Wright would do with such a project. Alas, it’s just that Wright is talking about the film while we watch the trailer:

You know what: I think I had an Ernest Borgnine action figure, too. How did I not understand how wrong that was?

(Via Cinematical, through which we also learn that The Black Hole is indeed being remade, except it’s gonna be from director Joseph Kosinski, whose only credit is the upcoming Tron reboot. Oh, and he also has a Logan’s Run reboot in the planning stages. How can you tell if someone has any talent as an artist if the only work they’ve done is a paint-by-numbers?)

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