quick list: five terrible spy movies

As a followup to yesterday’s five great spy movies, herewith five really terrible ones… and I find it interesting that the spy movie seems to go so wrong when comedy is attempted. Given the ubiquitousness of terrible movies, this list is far from comprehensive, so please do chime with more really awful spy movies. The … more…

The Karate Kid (review)

‘Karate! Kung fu! Whatever!’ says Mom. Exactly! Who cares what the Asian ass-kicking is called. Not important! The important thing is that the cute little American kid will teach the Chinese ignoramuses a thing or two about their own culture. Stupid foreigners!

trailer break: ‘The Karate Kid’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… I’m not sure yet whether it’s a good thing that this movie about Asian martial arts is actually set in China, unlike the 1984 original, or if there’s something obnoxious in the cute little American kid kicking kung-fu ass better than the mean little Chinese kids. Still, … more…