Priest (review)

Hey! It’s a supernatural horror flick about the clash between the power of the institution of The Church and the power of personal faith and belief. Oh, and also about kicking vampire ass.

U.K. box office: ‘Alice’ pummels ‘Avatar’

Everything’s gonna be 3D from now on: 1. Alice in Wonderland: £10.6 million (NEW) 2. Avatar: £.91 million 3. The Crazies: £.67 million (2nd week; drops 44%) 4. The Lovely Bones: £.66 million (3rd week; drops 45%) 5. The Princess and the Frog: £.38 million (actual numbers, not estimates) Just as it did in North … more…

North American box office: ‘Avatar’ is unstoppable

Nothing new can even come close to the Cameron juggernaut: 1. Avatar: $34.9 million 2. Legion: $17.5 million (NEW) 3. The Book of Eli: $15.7 million (2nd week; drops 52%) 4. Tooth Fairy: $14 million (NEW) 5. The Lovely Bones: $8.4 million (2nd week in wide release; drops 51%) actual numbers, not estimates It didn’t … more…

Legion (review)

Forget all that nonsense about fending off evil spirits with Bibles and holy water and garlic or whatever. Automatic weapons is what you need.

trailer break: ‘Legion’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… Speaking of prophesies… By the time you read this, I’ll be seeing the movie at a studio courtesy screening, because they hadn’t screened it in advance for critics. I prophesize that the movie may well exhibit signs of suckitude. Do angels wear electronic collars? I hadn’t heard … more…