trailer break: ‘Legion’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

Speaking of prophesies… By the time you read this, I’ll be seeing the movie at a studio courtesy screening, because they hadn’t screened it in advance for critics. I prophesize that the movie may well exhibit signs of suckitude.

Do angels wear electronic collars? I hadn’t heard that before. What kind of God can’t keep his minions under control without a collar? Then again, what kind of God sets out to destroy his creation but neglects to arrange not to have a baby around who might be able to stop him?

Another prophesy: This movie will make my head spin from the epic logic fail.

Legion opens in the U.S. and Canada today, and in the U.K. on March 5.

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Fri, Jan 22, 2010 11:50am

This movie looks craptastic! I look forward to watching it on DVD with the benefit of several pints of cider.

Fri, Jan 22, 2010 1:10pm

YAY!! What a lot of undiluted runny poop! I think Sherlock Holmes with dinosaurs might be better than this.

Nothing in that trailer made the slightest bit of sense. Why can we kill angels with guns? Why, if it’s an extermination, doesn’t the almighty sky pixie just think us all into non existence? Why did the old lady go in there without any bad ass angel backup?!?! I mean, doesn’t that mean she’s technically a moron? I’m sure when the movie comes out there will be more gripes… Oh wait.. Ahaha, I’m not going to see it!! Silly me.

bats :[
bats :[
Fri, Jan 22, 2010 1:13pm

Is this Paul Bettany’s penance for portraying Charles Darwin in “Creation”?

Fri, Jan 22, 2010 1:20pm

Haha.. why did’t I think of that?

Tonio Kruger
Fri, Jan 22, 2010 2:17pm

Where aren’t movies like this receiving any protest from the Angel Anti-Defamation League? One would think that any organization comprised of individuals who have the power to wipe out whole cities and destroy entire villages of firstborns would not be an organization Hollywood would want to tick off.;-)

Tonio Kruger
Fri, Jan 22, 2010 2:19pm

Er, I meant “why,” not “where.”

The er-angels made me do it.

Fri, Jan 22, 2010 2:32pm

I’m so disappointed that this film looks so bad – Paul Bettany, what are you doing?