Ruby Sparks (review)

Ruby may be the most odious Manic Pixie Dream Girl ever, because she is a not-real woman, so we cannot even console ourselves with the notion that she has her own independent existence apart from Calvin.

trailer break: ‘The Extra Man’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… I’ve already seen this movie, and it was a unique experience, and I imagine my reaction to the movie is probably what my reaction to the trailer would have been, had I seen the trailer first: Wha’? Weird! Sad! Huh? Ya wants original movies, this is one … more…

Knight and Day (review)

*Knight and Day* may have generic characters doing generic things in generic situations, but it’s got Movie Stars with huge white smiles looking pretty and being blandly inoffensive in exotic foreign locales. What’s that? You need more than that? Why do you hate Hollywood?