Abduction (review)

I’m so excited cuz it’s like Taylor Lautner made a movie just for Team Jacob! Except he’s not a werewolf or anything silly or fantasy like that — he’s a real teenager with real problems. Like being the secret child of top international spies.

Fast Five (review)

I’ve gotten behind most of the Fast & Furious movies because they’ve been packed with thrillingly staged action and peopled with protagonists who walk that bad-boy line cagily enough to make rooting for them a guilty pleasure, but a pleasure nonetheless. But something is off in Fast Five. There’s something deeply unpleasant about this latest flick that prevented me from enjoying all the stuff blowing up real good.

trailer break: ‘Takers’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… Paul Walker and Hayden Christensen in the same movie? Is that even legal? Shouldn’t audiences be protected from that kind of thing? And did I not just say that Zoe Saldana is in freakin’ everything at the moment? When does the girl sleep? This trailer makes me … more…

retro trailer: ‘Beneath the 12-Mile Reef’

Take a look back at an old trailer… Funny how half a century ago we were all excited about a new format you could see without “special glasses,” and here we are back to special glasses again. I love seeing those old trailers for how they highlight stars whose names mean absolutely nothing today. Robert … more…