retro trailer: ‘Beneath the 12-Mile Reef’

Take a look back at an old trailer…

Funny how half a century ago we were all excited about a new format you could see without “special glasses,” and here we are back to special glasses again.

I love seeing those old trailers for how they highlight stars whose names mean absolutely nothing today. Robert Wagner’s still around pushing reverse-mortgages on TV, but Terry Moore? Gilbert Roland? J. Carrol Naish? Who the hell…?

“The romance of those who defy the reef!” It’s like the Fool’s Gold or the Into the Blue of 1953. Beautiful. Probably 50 years from now people will be saying, Paul Walker? Jessica Alba? Who the hell…?

And I hate to be pedantic, but c’mon: if the reefs dated from the Earth’s beginnings, they wouldn’t be razor sharp anymore: they’d have been worn down by time and water. (Also, the Earth is more than a million years old.)

“The most awesome underwater climax”? Heh heh.

Beneath the 12-Mile Reef is available on DVD in Region 1 and Region 2.

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