The Karate Kid (review)

‘Karate! Kung fu! Whatever!’ says Mom. Exactly! Who cares what the Asian ass-kicking is called. Not important! The important thing is that the cute little American kid will teach the Chinese ignoramuses a thing or two about their own culture. Stupid foreigners!

my week at the movies: ‘Push,’ and that’s it

It looks like I picked precisely the right week-to-ten-days to escape to London: I’ve got exactly one movie on my screening schedule for this week, and that’s not because I’m flying out of here early Wednesday morning. Mere hours before I hop on a plane to Heathrow — weather permitting on both sides of the … more…

trailer break: ‘The Pink Panther 2’

Take a break from work: watch a movie trailer… If there was any doubt that Hollywood thinks audiences are morons, surely it must be laid to rest by this trailer. If this is all the funniest stuff — as, alas, trailers tend to focus on — I can’t even begin to imagine the trial that … more…