why Anthony Ingruber *must* be young Han Solo in the Star Wars spinoff

Because look, and listen:

This is from 2008, when — as Ingruber says on his YouTube channel — he was only 16, and years before he actually played the younger version of Harrison Ford’s character in last year’s The Age of Adaline (though he’s not mentioned in my review; sorry).

It gives me chills. He’s got the chops, too, as Adaline demonstrated. He is not just about impressions: he can act, and he’s got gobs of screen charm. He doesn’t only look and sound like Ford, he’s got the presence for the role.

Variety this week reported that there’s now a shortlist of actors for the role in the young Han Solo movie — details about the movie itself are still vague — and here’s who is rumored to be on it:

Sources tell Variety that after seeing thousands of actors, execs have cut the list down to about a dozen actors with Miles Teller, Ansel Elgort, Dave Franco, Jack Reynor, Scott Eastwood, Logan Lerman, “Brooklyn” star Emory Cohen and “Everybody Wants Some” actor Blake Jenner among the names making the cut.

No mention of Ingruber, though perhaps that’s because his name isn’t as well known — or, really, known at all. Yet.

I could maybe get behind Cohen, Lerman, or Reynor, but really, no one on this list is right. Some of them are really too old to be “young” Han Solo: Teller and Eastwood are 29, and Franco is 31; Ford himself was only 34 when Star Wars was shooting in 1976.

Maybe if we all shout loud enough about Ingruber, the Force will be with us and Disney will listen.

Hat-tip: Gail and Bluejay.

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