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such a nasty woman | by maryann johanson

Harbinger Down movie rating: red light

by MaryAnn Johanson

Harbinger Down red light

This “homage” to 80s sci-fi/horror is a cheerless amalgam of The Thing and Alien populated by improbable characters behaving in unlikely ways. Bad acting and atrocious dialogue is topped only by the cheap shoddiness of the practical FX this demo-reel flick is meant to show off. Better they’d remained unseen.
I’m “biast” (pro): big sci-fi geek

I’m “biast” (con): nothing

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red light half a star


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Harbinger Down (2015)
US/Canada release date: Aug 07 2015 (VOD same day)

MPAA: rated R for language and creature violence

viewed at home on a small screen

official site | IMDb
more reviews: Rotten Tomatoes

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  • Weird and Pissed Off

    I feel like this blurb is overtly harsh when it comes to the effects. You can say as much as you like about the rest of it, but the practical elements felt a lot more “real” than most of the CGI schlock that’s out there. It was painful to sit through the shitty plot, and the dialogue/characterization was beyond atrocious, but the creature (save for the cordyceps-style scene with the initial, incredibly douchey victim) were solid, and interesting to see.

    Comparing it to The Thing 2011, it was basically the same film (with acting/a plot that was only marginally worse), except, this time, I didn’t feel like I was watching a demo for a video game.

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