Comeback Season (review)

The most potentially intriguing aspect at work here is the fact that this straight-to-DVD release was directed by Bruce McCullough (Dog Park), late of Kids in the Hall. Too bad there isn’t even a hint of the kind of subversiveness and refusal to be ordinary that characterized the work of that wickedly funny comedy troupe. Barely rising above the sitcomish, this is the utterly unremarkable and totally predictable story of a man (Ray Liotta: Wild Hogs) who cheats on his wife (Glenne Headley: Around the Bend), confesses his indiscretion, gets thrown out, and must weasel his way back into his wife’s good graces. He does that by rehabilitating the fractured relationship between his teenage daughter (Brooke Nevin) and their neighbor, a high school football star and arrogant jerk (Shaun Sipos: SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2). Stereotypes about men, women, and romance abound. It’s hard to be actively offended by this unassuming little film, which screened at the Tribeca and Austin Film Festivals in 2006, but neither does distinguish itself as anything worth catching, except perhaps by the most die-hard, completist fans of Liotta and Headley, who nevertheless deserve far better than this. Extras include deleted scenes, cast interviews, and trailers. [buy at Amazon]

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