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Bob Saget: That Ain’t Right (review)

Did you see the 2005 documentary The Aristocrats, about the filthiest joke ever told, with its appearance by former sitcom dad Bob Saget? Were you surprised to discover that Saget is not, in fact, a fantasy father with a halo but a real person who, in fact, knows some swear words? If you still haven’t gotten over that surprise, then That Ain’t Right is for you. Everyone else can give it a miss. This intolerable standup routine, which aired on HBO in August, was performed in front of a New York University audience, but to call the quality of the “comedy” juvenile is to give it too much credit. Saget apologizes to the audience at the get-go for his nonstop vulgarity — he calls his adult-onset “Tourette’s” a reaction to the sappy sweetness of Full House, his once-popular TV show — but that won’t stop him from beating to death his one joke: that, apparently, he only recently discovered the word fuck and is intent on using it as every part of speech and as often as possible. He does also talk to his penis; implore us to shoot a lot of stuff, like weird creatures from movies, unless they will fornicate with one another for our entertainment; mime masturbation with a microphone stand; and offer advice on the inadvisability of bestiality. Unless, of course, he’s singing — yes, singing — about being sexually pleasured by his dog. But those really are all the same joke, and it’s an unpleasantly aggressive and pointlessly tasteless one. Extras on the disc include the exclusive “Strollin’ With Saget” featurette, in which the comedian is personally vulgar to random New Yorkers on the street, and the “Rollin’ With Saget” music video, by the talent-free Jamie Kennedy; neither is any more amusing than the main attraction. [buy at Amazon]

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  • Corey Bayless

    His HBO special has got to be the worst stand up comic performance I have ever seen. It’s embarassing to watch, even if you are watching it by yourself. It’s so bad, I caught myself looking at the audience members to see if a laugh track was provided, as I can’t imagine anyone laughing at this benial, sophormic performane.
    It’s like he decided that the only thing he wanted to do was show the world he knows how to cuss and be gross, at the expense of his own family and everyone he’s ever met.
    What a joke.

  • MaryAnn

    If only it were a funny joke…

  • Some people only know how to work at extremes, I guess. I saw a synopsis for “Farce of the Penguins” a few months back, and it’s made me never want to see anything by Saget, ever. Any movie where critics find themselves saying “penguins don’t have vaginas” is quite clearly a movie to be avoided.

  • This was HILARIOUS. What is wrong with you people? You have absolutely no sense of humor. I’ll bet that all of you pre-ordered the DVD of “Who’s Your Caddy?”

  • Hey, you know what else Saget did that was funny? DIRTY WORK, starring Norm MacDonald (who cowrote it) and Artie Lange. “Farce of the Penguins” wasn’t nearly as good as either DIRTY WORK or THAT AIN’T RIGHT, but it was still funny. Definitely better than all the other penguin movies that came out after MARCH. Okay, ever.

  • And THE ARISTOCRATS was also hilarious, but I’m sure you all were quivering in fear like the easily-offended-can’t-take-a-joke kind of people you are…

  • MaryAnn

    I’ll bet that all of you pre-ordered the DVD of “Who’s Your Caddy?”

    You’re suggesting that *That Ain’t Right* is somehow superior to *Who’s Your Caddy?*?


    Why don’t you explain what’s funny about this, Alan?

  • If you don’t find this special funny, maybe My Little Pony would be more to your liking…

  • amanohyo

    Of course this movie isn’t quite as heart wrenchingly amusing as The Princess Promenade , but what movie made in the past hundred years is? It’s more than a little unfair to compare a single, desperate, low-budget HBO special with a cultural achievement like MLP. There is a reason, after all, that the Ponies have been giving children “a world of surprises, spontaneity, sunshine, and silliness” for over twenty years, and although our tongues are incapable of forming the words necessary to articulate that reason, each of us knows it in our hearts, and in our minds, and in that mysterious organ that the Pony Prophets have imbued with great power, and one day the Ancient Ponies shall say of us that we too “loved when love was forbidden.” Amen

  • MaryAnn

    If you don’t find this special funny, maybe My Little Pony would be more to your liking…

    *smacks forehead* Of course! Because, as we all know, there are only two entertainment options available: candy-colored insipidness or crass and pointless vulgarity.

  • Post Full House Saget is a one-note joke going nowhere. Anyone remember him in the Dumb and Dumber sequel, screaming about how there’s “shit on the walls”? He played his FIRST one-note joke about being a marginally psychotic neat freak for so long and so well that he became thoroughly typecast. Now he comes out screaming profanities like some kind of crackhead denied a fix and it’s supposed to be funny? Scuse me while I don’t encourage him. Get off the stage, Saget…it ain’t funny.

  • Jason

    Disgusting, lame, and tasteless…I am not easily offended and to each his own when it comes to what they deem as funny. But vulgarity can be used to enhance the humor that’s the art and skill of the comedian. Chris Rock can use drop the f-bomb and he IS funny. Dane Cook same thing a trip. Eddie Murphy in his early days, Richard Pryor and intelligent comics like Sarah Silverman these are REAL comics. Comparatively, Sagat sucks…period end of story and like many others I was embarrassed for him much like the crudeness of a washed up loser like Dustin Diamond when he did celebrity fit club. Most people never thought he was funny before…this was just icing for a cake that needs to be bashed in his face.

  • Chris Klein

    Are you kidding me? Saget is hilarious. If you see Shmiegel, you shoot that motherfucker.

  • I seen him!

  • Phoenix

    What you said MaryAnn couldn’t possibly be more true, Bob Saget should not even be called a stand up comic because he shames it. I barely tolerated one showing (well I could only watch half painfully enough, why I forced myself through that torture I will never know) and all I could remark on his routine was that he was like a squeaky wheel waiting to get greased. *Danny Tanner was NOT gay* song pushed me to the limits of sanity with it’s juvinile horredness, who are you trying to convince more Saget, the audience or yourself? I don’t know what you think of the late George Carlin but his foul mouthed crass routine had a point and to me it was funny because you could relate to that situation or feeling.
    BOO HISS Bob Saget!

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