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Naked Boys Singing! (review)

Pretty much what the title says it is. This risque off-Broadway cult hit comes to DVD as naked as the day it was born: that is to say, 10 poster-boy-handsome lads prance about on a stage crooning about gratuitous nudity, the perks of being a porn star, the horror of untimely boners, masturbation, and other matters of male concern, and they’re all starkers as they do it. Well, sometimes hats or bandanas are involved, but the relevant bits are always on full display. The nudity is graphic but completely asexual and thoroughly unerotic, and I’m not sure that’s meant to be the point: but then, I am not a gay man, and hence not in the target demo here. The songs are likewise far more innocent than you might expect — or maybe it’s just that our culture has gotten so overly sexualized that unless there’s actually grunting and thrusting and sweating involved, even naked boys singing about their relationships with their penises seems tame. More wanton wangs are on display in the bonus making-of featurette. [buy at Amazon]

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MPAA: not rated

viewed at home on a small screen

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