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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

daily list: top 5 underreported movie-related copycat instances

So it turns out people are stabbing one another for no reason at showings of the horror movie The Signal, which is about people stabbing one another for no reason.

What isn’t widely known is that this kind of thing happens all the time, and not just with horror movies inspiring people to go on killing sprees. I dug around the Net a bit and found these reports from police blotters, all of which occurred within the last week:
1. Ridley, Iowa: Office responded to Crossgates Mall, where male suspect was reported to have left a showing of THERE WILL BE BLOOD at the Regal 12, headed to the Baskin Robbins in the food court, and stolen a milkshake from an unaccompanied minor. Witnesses reported suspect “drank the milkshake, he drank it up.”

2. Paramus, New Jersey: Squad car responded to disturbance at AMC multiplex of female minor standing up during showing of ATONEMENT, screaming an obscenity. Complainant was the female’s mother, who requested that officers “wash out the little brat’s mouth” because she had said “the bad C-word.” Officers removed the complainant and the female subject from the theater.

3. St. Martin’s, Minnesota: An Avondale Drive woman called 911 to report that her boyfriend was “cheating on her” with two other women. 911 operater reported that she could hear a male in the background yelling that he had “seen it in that stupid DEFINITELY, MAYBE movie she loved so much” and that “if was good enough for Ryan Reynolds it’s good enough for” the male subject.

4. Kissimmee, Florida: Officers responded to disturbance at Blockbuster Video on Cherry Blossom Lane, where two male suspects, one Caucausian, one African American, were systematically examining all DVDs. White subject insisted they were “checking to make sure all the DVDs were rewound.” Black subject shouted “Be kind rewind” as he was escorted from premises.

5. New York, New York: Police called to Lincoln Plaza cinema by manager, who requested officers remove white male, 40s, from theater that had been showing THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY. Subject refused to move or speak and would only blink one eye. Subject was removed from scene by EMS and charged with disorderly conduct.

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