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Stargate SG-1: The Ark of Truth (review)

Oh, hoorah for more Stargate SG-1! No, Ark of Truth, the new direct-to-DVD movie (it’ll be out on March 11), is completely bereft of Richard Dean Anderson, and yes, Ark of Truth is all about wrapping up the Ori storyline that I was never a fan of in the first place. But, you know: it’s more SG-1. I’ll take it.

About a season’s worth of plot gets packed here into 97 action-packed minutes, as SG-1 — Ben Browder’s Cameron Mitchell, Claudia Black’s Vala, Amanda Tapping’s Samantha Carter, Christopher Judge’s Teal’c, and Michael Shanks’ Daniel Jackson — go in search of an Ancient artifact called the Ark of the Covenant, through which God spoke to Moses. No, I mean, the Ark of Truth, through which the Ancients could brainwash folk into understanding that the Ori are not gods. Who are the Ori? There’s a nine-minute prelude on the disc that lets you catch up with the Ori storyline from Seasons Nine and Ten of the show — I know I could never keep straight what the heck was going on, and frankly I’m still not sure I get how the Ori were much different from the Goa’uld, storywise: I really wish the show had gone in a different direction after the Goa’uld were defeated instead of giving us an almost direct Goa’uld substitute.
So here we are, in between the final season of SG-1 and the latest of Stargate Atlantis (where, of course, Sam is now serving as administrator), and the gang is racing around our galaxy and that of the Ori. There’s less humor and less character stuff than I’d like, and there’s an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink feeling to how many bad guys get crammed in here — in fact, I suspect that if the writers could have come up with a way to make a kitchen sink sentient and have it run around trying to kill humans, they would have. But, you know: it’s SG-1. It’s DVD, so Cam gets to swear a bit, which makes sense for a military man in a tight spot, and some of the FX look like they spent a helluva lot more money on ‘em than the show ever could before, and they even got out of the great green sections of British Columbia and into the snowy mountainous sections of the province, so that’s nice, too.

The Ori story wraps up by the end, but there’s room for more movies, in case someone gets the urge. But no more of this Sam-kissing-Cam stuff. He’s cute and all, but he’s not Jack. If we can’t have Jack back, Sam can at least pine properly for him.

MPAA: not rated

viewed at home on a small screen

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  • boz

    I am a Stargate fan but I really didn’t like this movie much. Plot is almost as same as anubis’ demise in previous season.

  • This question is for Boz:

    How is it that you were able to view the movie before its release? In the US, it is set for March 11, 2008 and for March 28, 2008 in the UK???

    And MaryAnn Johanson….Good review! I pretty much agree with most everything you have written.

    I too am an avid fan who will take SG-1 in any form!


    Have a Very Stargate Day!


  • boz

    my official answer for your question (also any and all of my premonitions) “I didn’t watch it I just read a synopsis of it. And I have a wild imagination” :)

    I’ll rent the dvd when I can. I won’t buy it though. Let’s not encourage them to milk anymore.

  • MaryAnn

    BillieO: I assume you haven’t seen the film because you seem so upset at the thought that boz did, but if that’s the case, how can you agree with me if you haven’t seen the film?

  • MaryAnn, you’ll be pleased to know there is already a second Direct-to-DVD movie in production, Stargate: Continuum (minor plot spoilers in that link), and it does indeed feature fan favorite Angus MacGuyver.

    Ark of Truth was okay — not the best SG-1 ever, but it was nice to see the team in action again.

  • Bruce

    Hey folks want to see more of SG1? then dont rent it, buy it!!!!! not to mention it may be a few months after the sale release before it can be rented.

    I for one want to see 2 or 3 movies a year, and the only way that will happen is if MGM can make money on the show, so any who want to see more SG1 should buy the dvds!

    A word to MGM should they be reading this, if the DVDs of SG1 were priced bit better say $9.99 not only would all 2 to 3 million fans buy it quickly, but the low price would encourage nonfans to buy it and try it out as well!!! Also I did not see a single advetisement on TV untill friday march 7th, 4 days before its release, it should have been advertised on scifi for a month in advance, could have traded the first TV airing of it for the air time, and held that tv airing for a year, to insure enought dvd sales to make a profit!

    I pre ordered mine on Amazon for $16.98, which ant bad, Later Bruce

  • boz

    sorry Bruce but if it’s going to be like this I don’t want SG-1 to continue. Series started to copy itself over and over again. And it’s utterly stupid because this show had an almost limitless plot generator. They could have everything, every planet, every dimension, every level of existance. I didn’t want to see goauld story again, nobody did. That was the reason of this show’s demise. Yet again they copied exact same ending from anubis arc. They almost jumped the shark when idiotically trying to be an X-file clone with conspiracies and NID stories. How original it was to have a secret organization behind civilian goverment to create obstacles for our beloved heroes. Return of Daniel and Anubis arc saved them. Because it was a (more or less) new story angle.

    They missed their first shot with this movie, I hope continuum is more original than this one.

  • Bruce, I will ditto what Boz said, but from a slightly different perspective, to whit:

    I hate when the producers of TV series cynically don’t end the series properly and then expect me to PAY to watch the story’s conclusion. Seriously, why would I *buy* this TV show (let’s not call it a movie) on DVD when I don’t own any other Stargate SG-1 DVDs? Is this really something that’s going to be watched over and over again?

    If they want to sell the movie on DVD so that people who have the rest of the show on DVD can have the complete story, fine. But the only way I am going to watch this is if it airs on the SciFi Channel.

  • Bruce

    I thought they did a great job of continuing the story with the change of several key actors, (it was different, but ok) and so did the majority of fans, the ratings were not the major factor in scifi chamnnle dropping it, scifi (NBC) was pulling a UPN and cutting costs, origanally when season 10 was picked up a deal for season 11 was included, was a garrentee of an 11th season, when scifi droped it half way thru season 10 was due to NBC the owner of scifi cutting costs, it was a total shock to all the production team since it was suppose to go thru season 11, the last episode of season 10 was not a series finaly, and was never billed as such either, was just another episode,( A great one that stands out as done very well!!!) MGM could have ended it there, but because the viewership was still very good on scifi, they decided to do a movie to conclude the Ori story line, all of this happens in the middle of season 10 with 10 episodes yet to air.

    One reason the show was not shopped was because scifi owned it thru season 11 or 2007, (scifi did not want anyone else to have it either) may be why the DVD release was held back till 2008.

    True fans wont mind paying for the movie, as no commercials and 97 minits of show that had a budget 2 to 3 times that of a episode.

    When a series is more than 7 years old it gets much more expencsive to make, as all the actors get raises every year, and production costs can rise to, scifi is a more expencive type of programming to make to.

    If any did not like the direction of the show, then dont buy the dvd or even watch it.

    But the True fans are in for a real treat, and if they support the show buy buying it, we may just get a couple of SG1 movies a year.

    The only thing I watch on scifi is Atlantis, the scifi has really went down hill, I hope another company buys it and brings it back to scifi, and good scifi, I tried watching Flash gordan but it was cheaply made and crap, they also have to much horror on it, a bunch more crap.

    There is plenty of good scifi programming out there, between the 1950 thru 2000s, also need to make some quality new series.

    Later Bruce

  • boz


    correct me if I am wrong. But what I understand from you is being a “True fan” means buying void if it is branded with SG just to be able to buy more void later.


    I’m a true fan of stargate both SG-I as well as Atlantis and own them all on DVD now including the
    ARK OF TRUTH in fact i bought three “ARKS” and gave two to friends of mine that also love the show.

    The fact is you either love the show for what it is
    and watch every episode because you are invested in the characters and the story line
    or you don’t watch all the episodes and therefore do not become
    immersed in everything and everyone and may become more inclined to be down on it .

    The simple fact is real fans are going to buy the DVD movies and it won’t even occur to them to say anything negative or derogatory.
    SCFI made a huge as in with a capitol H
    mistake cancelling the show as that was pretty much the only real quality show on that channel by comparison just about everything else they regurgitate feels cheap and or ridiculous.

    By all means if you are a real fan like myself and want more SG-1 then don’t even consider renting the movies instead break open that piggy bank take out $20.00
    even if it’s your “lifes savings” and buy it!
    and if you actually care about the show then you’ll never regret it.
    and if you’re not a fan you may or may not like it
    but like robert cooper once said this movie was made more for the fans than the casual viewers.

    Overall i give THE ARK OF TRUTH a 9.5 out of 10
    because there is no R.D.A or bratak cameos

  • MaryAnn

    The fact is you either love the show for what it is
    and watch every episode because you are invested in the characters and the story line
    or you don’t watch all the episodes and therefore do not become
    immersed in everything and everyone and may become more inclined to be down on it .

    Oh good lord, those are not the only options. It’s possible to be a genuine fan of a show and still acknowledge that once in a while it kinda sucks.

  • Lucky

    I think very little of stargate actually “sucked”
    in fact i don’t remember a series that went as long as stargate that produced as many quality episodes
    i’ve sent everyone one more than once and can’t recall where one full episode actually “sucked”
    maybe it depends on what mood you are in when you are watching anything sometimes and since the show alway put me in a good mood i didn’t feel any of them were bad also i think it’s ridiculous when shows get cancelled just because they have gone on so long i think shows should continue as long as they wat to keep doing it the ratings are good and the show is profitable regardless of how long it’s been on and if people get tired of it then they should watch something else something they like more.

  • MaryAnn

    i’ve sent everyone one more than once and can’t recall where one full episode actually “sucked”

    In your opinion. I’m delighted that you took such pleasure in it. I adore the show, but sometimes, in my opinion, it sucked. I never gave up on it, but still: sometimes it sucked.

  • Bruce

    Boz your “wild imagination” is where the void is and why you were so disapointed, you should have held your bashing till you got to watch the show first.

    I just watched it, and it was very well done.
    When the show was on tv the advertisers paid for it.

    Now with the oppertunity to buy it as a direct to DVD release, the fans will have to foot the bill, and thats ok with me and most fans.

    It is nice to have the option to get more SG1, and if the quality of the show continues to be upheld, we will see 1 or 2 movies a year, Hurrah Hurrah

    I cant hardly wait to see Continuum!!!

  • Lucky

    Well we can all have different opinions on any number of subjects personally i like the series
    to the extent that in my opinion none of it “sucked”

    Sometimes people should take things for what they are in life if you always want things to be perfect
    and fit into a certain box then sooner or later
    you’ll end up with a sad let down feeling.

    Also how logical is it to continue watching something if you think it “sucks?”

    Nope, the only thing that “sucked” about stargate
    was that some fools decided to cancel the series.

  • Bruce

    Clayj said

    “Bruce, I will ditto what Boz said, but from a slightly different perspective, to whit:

    I hate when the producers of TV series cynically don’t end the series properly and then expect me to PAY to watch the story’s conclusion. Seriously, why would I *buy* this TV show (let’s not call it a movie) on DVD when I don’t own any other Stargate SG-1 DVDs? Is this really something that’s going to be watched over and over again?

    If they want to sell the movie on DVD so that people who have the rest of the show on DVD can have the complete story, fine. But the only way I am going to watch this is if it airs on the SciFi Channel.”

    The owner MGM did not cancell it they were ready to go on with season 11, Scifi is the monster that cancelled it and sat on there contract prevebting any other channel from picking it up.

    MGM even had to wait till 2008 to release the dvds to get wait for there contract with Scifi to run out.

    So MGM is not milking the fans as many believe, but they are taking steps to care for there stargate franchise, and see that the fans get more SG1.

    It is the only way we could have gotten more of this show, now that the contract with the eivil monster the Scifi channle is expired for SG1, if DVD sales are good enough, maybe we could see a return to TV? Probly not, but that possibility does exist, at any rate a couple of 2 hour movies each year is better than just having it end with the last season, as so many tv series end, and many of which never get a proper send off, so we SG1 fans are getting great treatment by MGM, it was Scifi that gave the fans the shaft!!!

  • MaryAnn

    Sometimes people should take things for what they are in life if you always want things to be perfect

    Who’s talking about anything having to be perfect?

    Also how logical is it to continue watching something if you think it “sucks?”

    Huh? I stuck through the occasional episode that sucked because, on the whole, the show didn’t suck. Do YOU give up on a show you love just because the odd episode here and there isn’t very good? It sounds like you’re the one who can’t deal with something not being “perfect” all the time…

  • scott

    i went to my video store and they dont have this movie and have no record of it coming out
    where can i find this? (besides amazon.com or something)

  • MaryAnn

    How about checking the Web sites of the stores you usually buy DVDs in?

  • Bruce

    Scott My sister said she saw an advertisment at either Walmart or Kmart for a March 18th availibility at one of those stores.

    I got mine from Amazon 4 days after they shipped it, that wasnt bad, and it only cost $2.98 for shipping for a total of $19.97. If you cant find it, it is worth the short wait!

    I also have read an article saying that the preorder sales at Amazon went very well, and that a movie or 2 a year was a good bet!

  • boz

    Bruce I watched the movie when it was a still workprint copy months ago, later I watched it when it was commercially available. I never bash a movie before watching. I still think it’s awful but I have to admit there’s a shining point in this. The talk between teal’c and the other guy was peak of this movie.

    Lucky, I haven’t got enough time to watch 200+ episodes again so I am telling you first two episodes pop to my mind. (ones that suck)
    1) season one episode 3 the one with the mongolian tribe. It was plain awful.
    2) Last episode “unending”. Asgard core, in the hands of us military, yeah right. That’s what Asgards would do.

  • Lucky

    Actually i don’t expect anything in life to be perfect no one should and if you pick something apart enough you tend to loose site of the big picture you have something like 214 episodes
    and maybe a handfull of plot twists here and there that don’r to jive ?

    See thats the reason why i watch with the commentarys on as well, that way you know more about why they
    decided to take those leaps in a lot of cases the commentary can help bridge those gaps in judgement
    of course the show isn’t perfect after all it’s written by humans and they tend to make mistakes.

    I think the question you have to ask is did it entertain and keep your interest ?
    For me it did and does, so as far as i am concerned it never sucked and i tend to believe i’m not alone in thinking this therefore long live stargate and all of it’s incarnations and i hope the scfi channel
    lives to deeply regret what they have done i mean talk about biting the hand that feeds you!.

  • Bruce

    Boz so which are you lieing about having seen it or saying that you had not seen it? Here are a copy and paste of your words from above………

    [B]1. “my official answer for your question (also any and all of my premonitions) “I didn’t watch it I just read a synopsis of it. And I have a wild imagination” :)”

    2.”Bruce I watched the movie when it was a still workprint copy months ago, later I watched it when it was commercially available. I never bash a movie before watching. I still think it’s awful but I have to admit there’s a shining point in this. “[/B}

    There was a lot in this 97 min feature, they did cover a lot of ground, but all fits together nicely, even the apperance of an old enemy, as it was a possible way to get rid of the Ori.

    [B]For any who have actually seen the movie[/B] and feel a let down, do watch it a second time, I enjoyed the 1st time without the preloud, a couple hours later watched it again with the preloud, as my wife was watching it this time, and shes not a regular viewers of the show, she did enjoy the movie too.

    I enjoyed watching the preloud, and think all should view it first, as there are always little things we can forget about, and it really helps you follow the movie, and get the most ebjoyment from it! Later Bruce

  • boz

    Bruce if you could understand it you would’ve understood it by now. I quit :)

  • Bruce

    Boz, I understood it the first time just fine, but watching it the second time it got even better! Your leaving, great! Goodbye!

    Unending was not a series finally it was just another episode, and one done quite well, stands on its own. And yes after 10 years of dealing with humans, and the Asgurd being at there end, I can see them giving there knowledge to humans, especially since they had spoken of 3 other races they had alliances with, and refurred to humans as the 5th race (implying that humans would be the 5th race they allied with), apx 5 years earlyer in the cannon.

    Can hardly wait for Continuum!!!!!! Bring It On MGM!!!

  • lucky

    I just watched unending again great episode
    the asgard did the most logical thing they could have uner the circumstances.

    I do think there would have been more mental problems being stuck there for more than half a century i think someone would have commited suicide.

    And i would have liked to see teal’c explain to everyone what happened.

  • Jojo

    John’s Review of Stargate: The Ark of Truth

    Stargate: The Ark of Truth, while being undoubtedly stunning from a visual point of view, had a very disappointing plot. And this criticism of mine is leveled not only against this concluding movie in the Ori arc of the Stargate adventure, but is also directed against the very false premise that the Ori (who are supposedly evolutionarily advanced, several million years old, ascended and super intelligent beings), could be exterminated by the feeble efforts of lower life forms; such as Valla Maldoran and the rest of SG1. Faithful fans of the Stargate universe like me, who also happen to have a keen interest in the study of human history, mythology, mysticism, and the various religious philosophies of this planet, know very well that the concept of immortality, presupposes the attribute of “indestructibility”.

    Thus even though Satan and his Demons (at least in the thinking of most monotheistic religions) are rightly considered evil, degenerate, and fallen, since they are immortal (and therefore indestructible), God (or whatever you call the supreme universal power) defeats or neutralizes, and punishes them, by condemning them to an eternity in a place of banishment and/or punishment, such as; Hellfire, “The Lake Of Sulfur And Brimstone”, Hades, etc. The supreme creative power in the universe however, does not kill them (since they are immortal), and therefore ‘un-killable.’

    When the semi divine ascended beings were first introduced into the Stargate universe in the episode titled “Maternal Instinct,” many fans with my both my interest and background in ancient mythology, immediately recognized the similarity of Oma Desala to other major mythological and immortal characters, and heartily welcomed this sophisticated addition to the pantheon of characters in the Stargate universe. We recognized their similarity to ancient (and if I may say so yet again, immortal) Greek goddesses like Athena, Hera, Aphrodite, etc, sublime Biblical angels/arch angels like Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and even the not so sublime (but still immortal) fallen angels like Lucifer and Asmodeus, the Japanese goddess Amateresu, and Buddhist/Hindu Bodhisattvas and enlightened Sages like Narayana, Sankaracharya, Patanjali, and other enlightened sages; who are said to have attained nirvana/Samadhi, and thus ascended to a higher (and immortal) plane of existence.

    These people are said in mythology and mysticism to have conquered death, and mortal limitations, so it really stretches credulity to introduce them into the Stargate universe, film several episodes in which their great power, knowledge, and wisdom (yes, even inclusive of the mean Ori), only to later conclude their story by showing them to be so weak, and foolish that mere mortals like SG1, wipe them out of existence with the use of a weapon, called the Saangral.

    Robert Cooper and the other writers of the Stargate TV series and DVDs cannot have it both ways. Either characters are highly evolved, super powerful, super intelligent immortals (who as such are deathless), or they are not! I don’t see how when mere mortals in Stargate command, show enough intelligence to protect their stargate with an iris and armed guards, the Ori would leave their own Supergate both unshielded and unguarded.

    It absolutely impossible for me to believe that an ascended, angry, vengeful, and very intelligent Ori like Adria, would even allow both SG1 and “The Ark of Truth” to exist for one second in her domain, when she had already witnessed how dangerous and lethal SG1 could be (with their previous use of another deadly Alteran invented weapon called the Saangral).

    The viewer has to stretch credulity to the point of utter stupidity, in order to believe that million year old ascended beings like the Ori (regardless of how evil they might be), would simply ignore the danger of allowing a weapon like the Saangral exist, especially when Adria fully realized (and even stated so to SG1 and Daniel Jackson several times) that it was designed by Merlin to wipe out the Ori. George Bush (who isn’t exactly considered America’s brightest president) is smart enough to realize that even crude atomic weapons in the hands of backward third world dictators like Saddam Hussein, Ahmahdinejad, and Kim Jung Yu pose a threat to the mighty Hydrogen Bomb armed US, and feared this potential threat enough to wage pre-emptive war against Iraq in 2003. But in this movie, the mighty, ascended, super intelligent, and supposedly galaxy conquering Ori, are portrayed as absolutely nincompoops; who fold their hands tamely, and watch on the sidelines, while mere corporeal mortals like SG1 in alliance with an old, ailing, de-ascended Alteran like Merlin, not only build, but deploy a weapon of galactic destruction, against their immensely superior and powerful selves? Give me a break! No race with even the poorest military skills, not to talk of the ancient, technologically advanced, and highly evolved Ori, would hesitate for a second, before taking prompt and very aggressive action to eradicate such a threat. In any real world situation, SG1 would have been blown out of existence, long before they ever set a foot in the Ori galaxy.

    Then we are also expected to believe that an ascended Ori like Adria, could be distracted by the very simple lies and distractions of Vala Maldoran (who winks at Daniel Jackson, then proceeds to distract Adria by saying she is “…very sorry…” while Dr. Jackson quickly primes the ark of truth, and Teal’c uses a staff weapon to blast the leg of the table it is sitting on, so that the powerful Doci is caught in a full blast of its radiance, and converted to disbelief in the Ori. In Maternal instinct, Oma Desala was supposed to be so powerful and wise that she single-handedly wiped out a battalion of Apophis’s best Jaffa (as well as a squadron of his Death Gliders), while at the same time protecting all of SG1 and Bratac from the staff blasts of Apophis’s Jaffa.

    Yet in “The Ark of Truth,” we see a silly, arrogant, and foolish Adria (even though she had just recently escaped being killed by SG1 and Valla, and is now supposed to be the most powerful ascended being in the universe, ergo, she had inherited all the collective power, wisdom, and intelligence of the exterminated Ori race), remain clueless as to the real nature of the threat she was facing in the presence of SG1, Valla, Tommin, and The Ark of Truth, and standing by boasting, while they distract her, and deploy their ultimate weapon against her. Can anyone really believe Adria would have been so stupid? Do you really believe both an ascended Adria, and a powerful Doci, would have been unable to handle five mere mortals, and one vastly weaker ascended Morgan Le Fey, who only appeared on the scene after the ark had been activated? I think not!

    Additionally, even if we were to suspend all critical thinking for a moment, and believe that SG1 succeeded in distracting a telepathic Adria (who should have been able to read their thoughts and plans), and eventually succeeded in deploying the ark against the Doci, and in neutralizing all priors in the galaxy through the so-called “Link in Prior Staffs), thus losing some of her power, how is it that she also lost all the power available from the worship of ordinary people in the Ori galaxy, who are not priors, and therefore would not been connected to Prior Staff Link? Ordinary worshippers outnumber the priors at least 1 to 100 in the Ori galaxy, so Adria should still have had access to plenty of power from their continuing worship, enough power to deal with SG1, Morgan Le Fey, and that pesky Ark of Truth. The facts just don’t add up, and this plot is not credible.

    Also why did they writers start this movie in a very lame and clichéd way, by quoting directly from the fourth movie in the Star Wars Series, Remember the “…Ark of Truth” starts with the words; “…in a far away galaxy, millions of years ago.” This is a direct quote from the beginning of Star Wars: Episode IV. Are we to believe that the writers of “…Ark of Truth” could not come up with a unique opening statement of their own? This movie is riddled with too many storyline errors in my view. Therefore even though I have been a faithful fan of the stargate series all these years, I must say that the storyline in “The Ark of Truth” really, really, SUCKS! And the writers of the stargate series really need to do a lot better than this if they are to continue holding the interest of serious minded fans like me!

  • Ryan

    Your argument is ridiculous, lucky. Even the best television shows, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Farscape, or Dr. Who have bad episodes…heck, sometimes even bad seasons. The only show I have ever seen where I thought they had basically no bad episodes was Firefly…and they were aided by the fact that they only aired about 13.

    Anyway, Stargate has sucked on and off for a while now, but at least Atlantis is showing some promise sans Dr. Weir.

  • Pius

    Great review Jojo (or John?). I absolutely agree with you. The movie has stunning visuals, but the plot is truly lame.

  • Charlene

    Great post Jojo. I have also always wondered how come the Ori were suppossed to be these big, bad, and menacing guys, yet they ended up being easily dispatched in one shot, by just five guys of stargate command. It is really strange that the Ori never seemed to realize their own vulnerability to attack, and never took any effective countermeasures.

  • MaryAnn

    Okay, Jojo and everyone else. This is not the place to be posting *your entire review* of anything. Comment on what I’ve written, rebut it, whatever, but keep it conversational, responding to my review or to other commenters. If you want your own soapbox, get your own website.

  • lucky

    Ok i’m a logical and rational person that can easily see someone elses point of view however that being said
    i know what to apply strict logic to and what to realize is entertainment if you try to only stick to logic when you should be enjoying it then you overlook the big picture and messages.

    Some of the messages i gleen are that ultimately
    good always triumphs over evil regardsless of the odds or the sacrifices.

    And with great power and evil intent comes extreme
    arrogance and overconfidence and that was the ori’s
    weakness they underestimated mankind and paid the ultimate price rememver also that if they were so
    powerful they wouldn’t have needed human followers in the first place and their powers wouldn’t have been limited to their own galaxy nor would they have had to seen ships filled with humans out to do their evil bidding.

    and mankind is capable of great things when they can work together i think the series and the film
    does a great job in bringing those noble ideas to light and i believe that, along with, entertaining us
    was their main intent not to make a script that was perfectly logical where the ori could never be defeated by SG-I where would the inspiration be
    in that senario? lets see the ori win take over the universe
    and now we all pray to them 12 hours a day the end?

    It seems to me that that would be the most likely
    senario if they were using pure logic in the script
    and that would really suck.

    My point here is simply this apply full on logic in most things when called for but know when and how to suspend some disbeleif so you can see the bigger picture so you can enjoy it rather than nit pick
    every inconsistancy remember the bumble bee logically it should not be able to fly yet it does quite well in that department and in it’s own way so does stargate because what it may lack in pure logic it more than makes up for in both heart and intent.

  • Ryan

    Lucky, I think it is possible to try too hard to like something…

    Also…from wiki:
    It is believed that the calculations which purported to show that bumblebees cannot fly are based upon a simplified linear treatment of oscillating aerofoils. The method assumes small amplitude oscillations without flow separation. This ignores the effect of dynamic stall, an airflow separation inducing a large vortex above the wing, which briefly produces several times the lift of the aerofoil in regular flight. More sophisticated aerodynamic analysis shows that the bumblebee can fly because its wings encounter dynamic stall in every oscillation cycle. [26]

  • lucky

    I know that it’s more than possible to easily find faults with something frankly that is the easiest thing you can do in just about any situation.

    When that happens you can lose sight of what is trying to be said.
    As you proved my point with the bee facts at first glance things might appear one way but put upon investigation more information comes to light.

  • Ryan

    Ok, man. Who am I to try and tell you what you can and cannot like. All I’m saying is that I think it’s healthier to acknowledge that all shows, movies, books, etc. have their ups and their downs (Except for the first Indiana Jones, which was pretty much perfect)

    Anyway, if you loved every episode of SG-1 ever made, more power to you. I don’t think you will find it is a universal opinion.

  • Jojo

    Oops MaryAnn,

    Sorry for taking up so much space on your blog. It’s just that I sometimes find so much literary promise in the SG1 storylines that when their writers mess things up, like I believe they did with their conclusion of the Ori storyline in Stargate: The Ark of Truth, I really feel deeply and truly dissappointed.

  • boz

    stargate continuum is better, in story and in execution. but what’s with their obsession with long walking scenes.

  • Lucky

    There is always room for improvement in all things
    however i was mostly happy with the Ark of truth.

    I don’t know maybe because i like the actors writers producers and directors so much. and that it’s soo much better than most of the other shows out there.

    I know that if they keep making movies they are just going to get better and better.

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