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Tick Tock Lullaby (review)

Sasha, a London comic artist, and her lawyer girlfriend, Maya, think they want a baby, but it’s a decision that causes them even more consternation than it would for more traditional couples. For one, they’ve decided to acquire a sperm donation in the old-fashioned way, from a father yet to be determined, but the fact that both women are hitting the town cruising for dates of the male persuasion is not, surprisingly, as much of an issue between the two of them as you might expect. Not that prospective parenthood is much easier for their straight friends, whose relationship ups-and-down serve as a compare-and-contrast. Writer-director Lisa Gornick (who also stars as Sasha; Raquel Cassidy is Maya; both women are irresistibly charming) has given us a film that sharper and savvier about love and romance and sex, in all its many diverse expressions, than most, and one that is as smartly sexy as it is wistfully pensive. Extras include two behind-the-scenes featurettes. [buy at Amazon]

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MPAA: not rated

viewed at home on a small screen

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