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David Tennant’s Hamlet starts previewing in Stratford-upon-Avon tonight — in fact, the curtain’s just gone up now, as I write this. Which surprises me, actually, because the Royal Shakespeare Company sent an email to ticket holders today that included this bit of loveliness:

Given the profile of the actors who are involved in our production of Hamlet we understand that there might be a temptation to record or photograph parts of the production. This can be incredibly distracting to actors and other audience members and can cause significant disruption to the performance. We ask that you do not take photographs whilst in The Courtyard Theatre.

For further information we ask that you refer to the Terms and Conditions of Sale printed on the reverse of your tickets or visit the RSC Website.

We hope that you will understand that should anyone breach these conditions they may be refused admission or ask them to leave during the performance.

If you would like images of the production, there are souvenir high quality production images available to buy in our shops in the form of postcard packs, posters and programmes.

No actors are named in this little missive, but there is a picture of Tennant in costume as the Dane illustrating it.

When I read this, I figured that surely the show must have hit the boards a few days ago, and that Doctor Who dorks with no experience of live theater — and no concern for their fellow theatergoers, or indeed even for the actor they profess to love so much — had already been making a nuisance of themselves. But apparently the RSC is just being proactive.

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