daily list: the 5 films I’m most looking forward to…

…over the rest of the summer. And by that I mean till the end of August. I peeked ahead to September, since that is still technically part of summer, but the movies then are starting to feel like fall movies. So we’ll deal with those later.

It’s a grim six weekends of new movies ahead of us when this is the best I can hope for:

1. The X-Files: I Want to Believe. This DVD collection, meant to prepare us for the movie, suggests that this could rank among some of the best episodes of the show, which were always the standalone monster stories.

2. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. I know I’m in a minority, but I like the Mummy movies. They’re goofy, but that’s what I like. I worry about Maria Bello replacing Rachel Weisz, but Bello is always fantastic, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

3. Hamlet 2. Mostly cuz I wish I’d thought of this. And Steve Coogan is a hoot.

4. Swing Vote. A political dramedy in the middle of summer? Feels like an autumn movie to me. But it features Kevin Costner as a Regular Guy(TM), and that’s when he’s at his best.

5. Tropic Thunder. The audacity of Robert Downey Jr. playing a white actor who has himself dyed black is the big draw for me. I just hope they don’t screw it up.

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