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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

first images of David Tennant as Hamlet

Shamelessly stolen from the Telegraph.

There’s more. Check ’em out.

(via Poly in London, in comments)

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  • Ryan

    Photo #5 is perfection. Go Time Lord!

  • Paul Hayes

    I’m really not sure about the hat.

  • Katie

    He looks wonderful. (I don’t know, kinda digging the hat). It’s amazing how different he looks just from a little hair gel, a bit of scruff and an even more tortured expression. So jealous of you MaryAnn.

  • Karen

    Damn, those two look good in tuxes!

  • Maura

    I like the hat. In fact, I think I would like that very hat myself for winter. I’d wear it.

  • Paul Hayes

    He must be *melting* wearing that winter gear in a theatre in this hot weather.

  • MaryAnn

    The weather outside has nothing to do with it. The hot stage lights are surely hellish, though.

  • Poly in London

    More photos released by the RSC (the link through the Mail on Sunday):

  • “The play has seen a huge demand for tickets despite some criticism for its ‘celebrity’ casting.”

    there’s no making some people happy. if you cast a fine, competent but not-well-known actor, the complaint is the audiences don’t come… if you cast a perfectly fine actor in the role, but he’s well-known, that’s cause for another complaint… i’m sure it would be a wonderful world if everyone just enjoyed shakespeare for its own sake… but it’s not the way of the world.

  • Jan Willem

    The first reviews are up. The (London) Times and The Guardian both award this production four out of five stars:


  • Okay, I know its August, but the papers have gotten quite carried away. You don’t really get the impact online.

    The Independent had a big picture on the front page, and a 2 page review.

    The Guardian had a full page on page 3 (Tennant definitely my idea of a page 3 boy…)
    The Mail didn’t like it much, but then they don’t like anything much. Especially if it appeals to women.

  • MaryAnn

    *Hamlet* appeals to women in particular? :->

    Funny, but I thought it was a universally “human” kind of thing.

  • Poly in London

    Daily Mail makes a comment that this Hamlet appeals in women in particular and uses it as a criticism. This is the Daily Mail for you. The vilest newspaper in the universe, full of bigotry, xenophobia and chauvinism.

  • MaryAnn

    Ah, so it’s *bad* if this Hamlet appeals to women?


  • Jan Willem

    The Brits have more than Hamlet on their minds, now that somebody has unearthed Will’s olde playhouse The Theatre in Shoreditch (East London), where he used to work before relocating to more famous The Globe:

  • MaSch

    If this Hamlet has the main effect of making women go “Gosh, I wish David Tennant would tell *me* to go to a nunnery,” there would be a valid point in criticising it.
    Or the women who feel so.

  • any woman who wants David Tennant to tell her to get to a nunnery is crazy. “Woman, get thee to my bedchamber!” that’s what *i* would want to hear.

  • MaryAnn

    Maybe MaSch means that, if the production were so bad that even Tennant’s fans were thinking, “Sheesh, get me to a nunnery so I can get away from this,” then perhaps that would be a valid reason to condemn Tennant: ie, if he were actually terrible in the role. MaSch?

  • MaSch

    Hmm, no, I rather meant … If the aim of the production is simply to have a hot Hamlet, to “please women”, and they directed the play in a way that even at his most cruel towards a woman, women in the audience want to be in Ophelia’s place, then, in my humble opinion, the play went somewhat wrong.
    On the other hand, if there is a woman in the audience who thinks during Act III, Scene 1: “Oh, David is so passionate in presence of this girl, I wish he would go so passionate over me,” the reason for this thinking could also lie with the woman.
    But I liked your interpretation, too. :-)

    Btw: Do you know the BBC Hamlet with Derek Jacobi as Hamlet and Patrick Stewart as Claudius? I would love to know how his approach to the role changed …

  • MaryAnn

    Yes, the Jacobi Hamlet will be one I’ll be watching and writing about before I fly off to England.

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